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Love, Lies, and "Reality" TV

Cecilia (CJ) Ryan has worked too long toward her shot as a writer on Say Yes to the Rose to have the show canceled due to plummeting ratings. The franchise's future hinges on this season's leading man. The show's fans already love former Army Captain Nate Crenshaw, and even as jaded as CJ's become, his authenticity and charm give her hope he and the fans will get their happy ending and her the credentials she needs to join the Writers Guild.

Having twenty-five beautiful women competing for his heart may be the most dangerous mission Nate's ever undertaken. If he survives the tears and drama, he could find a wife in addition to being paid enough to fund his start-up construction business. However, falling for the show's optimistic and congenial date planner, CJ, before filming starts isn't part of the storyline.

To protect the show's reputation when a contestant is arrested days before filming, the showrunner promises CJ a screenwriter position next season if she fills in opening night. However, Nate goes off script giving her a rose. The show must go on with CJ trapped in the mansion with twenty women vying for a proposal or fame. As Nate sends other women home, CJ's scripted feelings turn real. But if her actual role is exposed, it could be the scandal that ends the show—and her future as a screenwriter.

With Nate rewriting the storyline, can CJ script her own happy ending, or will she lose both her job and her heart?

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His life is like a Country Song

Green Beret Captain “Big John” Bryson returns from deployment to learn his girlfriend cheated and his dog died. Turns out, his ex lied and dumped his beloved mutt, Boss, at the shelter. Forget the ex, John just wants his dog back.

An abuse survivor, Elizabeth Carroll is singing a happier tune without a man in her life. She has her work as a counselor and The Oasis, a trio of tiny homes on her property where abused women can get a fresh start. She also has her rescue dog—or did—until his former owner wants him back. After John intervenes to protect one of her residents, Elizabeth offers him and Boss housing at The Oasis. But who will protect Elizabeth’s heart from the charms of the off-key singing, 6’5” teddy bear of a soldier?

Fighting for the love John desperately wanted all his life has given him more battle scars than his dangerous missions. He and Elizabeth could be an opposites-attract love story, if only John can break through the guarded beauty’s defenses. If he can’t earn her trust and heal her invisible wounds, their unlikely duet will end on a bad note. With Boss’s help, can they create the perfect harmony to give them the future they’ve both dreamed of?

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He Can't Command Love

Army Colonel Graham Holmstrom never expected that being widowed would lead to the conundrum he’s facing. Either he remarries within seven months, or he’ll be reassigned to a new post. With his adult children also based at Fort Liberty, he’s motivated to keep the family together—even if it means conquering the challenges of dating in a new era.

Longtime USO volunteer Erin Downey is on a mission to connect with a member of the Army’s Special Ops community. Recently divorced, she’s not looking for love. She needs an inside look at the elite soldiers’ lives to enable her to create convincing characters and missions to earn her shot writing for a military TV series.

After meeting Erin on base, Graham resorts to opening a Facebook account to get in touch with her. First, he has to convince her it’s him, not a scammer impersonating Army officers. Upon learning her reason for being at Fort Liberty, he makes an unconventional proposal: he’ll arrange for her to observe one of his Green Beret teams for research if she dates him.

There’s no need to fake their relationship, but when a rival’s wife ruins their fairy-tale romance by publicly claiming that Graham is using Erin to keep his command, their love is put to the ultimate test.

Will their love survive the attack, or will it become a casualty of the battlefield?

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