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Love, Lies, and "Reality" TV

Cecilia (CJ) Ryan has worked too long toward her shot as a writer on Say Yes to the Rose to have the show canceled due to plummeting ratings. The franchise's future hinges on this season's leading man. The show's fans already love former Army Captain Nate Crenshaw, and even as jaded as CJ's become, his authenticity and charm give her hope he and the fans will get their happy ending and her the credentials she needs to join the Writers Guild.

Having twenty-five beautiful women competing for his heart may be the most dangerous mission Nate's ever undertaken. If he survives the tears and drama, he could find a wife in addition to being paid enough to fund his start-up construction business. However, falling for the show's optimistic and congenial date planner, CJ, before filming starts isn't part of the storyline.

To protect the show's reputation when a contestant is arrested days before filming, the showrunner promises CJ a screenwriter position next season if she fills in opening night. However, Nate goes off script giving her a rose. The show must go on with CJ trapped in the mansion with twenty women vying for a proposal or fame. As Nate sends other women home, CJ's scripted feelings turn real. But if her actual role is exposed, it could be the scandal that ends the show—and her future as a screenwriter.

With Nate rewriting the storyline, can CJ script her own happy ending, or will she lose both her job and her heart?


His life is like a country song

Green Beret Captain “Big John” Bryson returns from deployment and goes straight to his girlfriend’s Black tie charity event envisioning a reunion like those he’s seen in viral videos. Instead, Britney’s there with her not-so-ex-anymore ex. Even worse, she tells John his dog died. After drowning his sorrow in a bottle of whiskey, and drunk dialing Britney a few times, he wakes up in his truck the next morning sure that his ex was lying. John’s mission to find his dog leads him to Boss’s adoptive owner, who calls the police on him.

Impacted by past abuse, trauma counselor Elizabeth Carroll helps women get a fresh start at The Oasis. When her recently adopted dog’s owner shows up, events lead to the six-foot-five, off-key singing soldier and his oversized dog moving into one of the Oasis’s tiny homes to provide security. But who is going to protect Elizabeth’s heart from the gentle giant’s charm?

John fights for his country but battling for the love he’s desperately wanted all his life has only led to hurt and rejection. Elizabeth guides him to make better choices but feels she’s too damaged to give him the physical connection a man needs. If he can’t earn her trust and complete her healing, their unlikely duet will end on a bad note and drive them apart forever rather than provide the harmony they need to get the future and family they both desire.