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Bonus Materials

In Faking it with the Bachelor, there are a lot of women to keep up with. I made a collage to help  me while writing the book, and it's also available to readers.  Click the picture to download the PDF.

Contestant collage.jpg

In Faking it with the Green Beret, John's off-key singing is often heard by his team and neighbors and each chapter in the book is a song title. You can listen to the songs mentioned at one of the playlists I created. Here are the links:

Full playlist

Chapter Titles

YouTube Full Playlist

Amazon Music:

Chapter titles

Songs mentioned

In Not Faking it with the Colonel, the Holmstrom family plays a card game they call Generic. My mom's friends, the Withams, taught her to play and we became addicted.  While I've tried to find the rules online, they don't seem to exist. So, I'm sharing here in hopes some of my readers might start playing - and invite me to play too. Click on the PDF to get the rules.

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