The Bad Karma Special Ops Series

Deadly Aim 

Widowed Black Hawk pilot, Kristie Donovan is determined not to fall for Mack Hanlon, the Special Ops sniper she saved on a mission tied to a drug cartel. Army regulations about rank mean Mack is off limits. Besides, she is not risking losing her heart to another man in Special Ops. Only when Mack insists on protecting her from a fellow soldier with a grudge, he rekindles her desire and hopes for love and a family.


Mack’s marriage failed because his ex-wife was done with all things Army. However, the brave Black Hawk pilot who pulled off the daring rescue could be the woman who understands his drive to serve and support his career. She’s also attractive and her interactions with his daughters have him on a mission to break through her excuse about the danger to their careers from engaging in a romantic relationship. Just when potential victory is in sight, they learn the drug cartel is targeting her as she is the only link to finding out the men behind the mission that led to his son’s death—Mack’s Bad Karma Special Ops team.


Though Mack and his team are determined to protect Kristie, she has her own plan. Deploying to Afghanistan will keep her out of reach and keep Mack, his daughters, and his team safe. But when the cartel uses a ruse to capture Kristie before she can deploy, Mack and the team will have to find and save her from the drug lord hell bent on getting vengeance against them.

A Shot Worth Taking​ 


FBI Linguist Angela Hoffman trusts only herself. With a contract on her life, working—and being—alone is typically safest. When her unique skills send her undercover on an assignment reporting to a rancorous ex-lover, it’s just about her worst-case scenario—until they find the terrorists’ plans for a dirty bomb. What becomes an interagency terrorist hunt with a Spec Ops team brings the perk of working with magnetic soldier Tony Vincenti who has Angela wanting to wrap up this case so her next mission with Tony can be the under-the-covers kind.

Bullets and bombs don’t scare Tony. What does is suffering another heartbreak. Angela might be the woman who can deal with his dangerous career, but he needs her to trust him with her secrets. He learns about the contract when someone tries to kill her. To save the woman he’s falling in love with, he has to find a way to stop the assassin, only if he does, will he lose her because she feels it’s safe to leave?

In the Wrong Sights ​ 


A patient’s deathbed confession landed nurse Cassidy O’Shea in witness protection. However, her unauthorized trip to Fort Bragg for her ex-stepfather’s funeral necessitates putting her under temporary protective custody after learning he’s been murdered. The Marshal Service turns to her late stepfather’s friends, the Army Bad Karma team, to keep her safe.

A dedicated soldier, AJ Rozanski is supposed to be protecting Cassidy, not falling for his former mentor’s stepdaughter. But her acceptance of his career choice is a refreshing change from his parent’s disapproval of his military service and his ex-fiancée’s inability to handle his erratic deployments.
Cassidy going back into Witness Protection puts an end to their hopes for something beyond a few days and romantic nights together—until an assassin locates her and she flees to AJ and the Bad Karma team. Can they give her back her life—and a future with AJ?

Desperate Choices

Novella coming soon - the story of Stephanie and Ray Lundgren, the Bad Karma team leader.


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