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 The second book in the Faking It romantic comedy series is now available on Amazon! Faking it with the Green Beret is a sweet to mild book, however, readers who like a little heat can read the tastefully steamy bedroom scene for free in the exclusive newsletter subscriber bonus scene.

I'm so excited to share this story with you! I was so in love (okay, lust) with Big John that I was afraid I might not be able to write another romance book. Then I dreamed up Colonel Graham Holmstrom who'll be starring in the next in the series, Not Faking it with the Colonel.

John's off-key singing is often heard by his team and neighbors and each chapter in the book is a song title. You can listen to the songs mentioned at one of the playlists I created. Here are the links:

Full playlist

Chapter Titles


YouTube Full Playlist

Amazon Music:

Chapter titles

Songs mentioned

What readers are saying about the FAKING IT Romantic Comedy series:

"... impeccable comedic timing, over-the-top secondary characters, heart-tugging emotion, razor-sharp wit, sigh-worthy declarations, awkward situations, and did I mention humor? So delicious. So addictive. So much fun." - PJ Ausdenmore, The Romance Dish.

"... riveting book. Loved this cute story with a wonderful Hea. It was so detailed and well written." - Sarah, Goodreads review

"The author does a great job building the story and paints her scenes perfectly. She brings tons of humor and surprises along with the sibling banter and moves the story fluidly as she delivers a terrific romantic comedy." - Brenda M, Goodreads review

What readers are saying about the BAD KARMA SPECIAL OPS SERIES

"Seat of the pants action with true military insight!"
~Robin Perini, Publisher's Weekly Bestseller.

"You're going to love this Army Special Operations Team and Tracy Brody's authentic stories." - Angi Morgan,  USA Today and Publisher's Weekly Bestseller.

"Romantic suspense at its finest! I couldn't stop turning the pages."

~Liliana Hart, New York Times Bestselling Author 

"I love Tracy's writing style and voice (and that her heroine is just as kick-ass as the hero!)" - Christina Hovland, USA Today Bestselling Author 

Want tastefully steamy romantic suspense featuring hot military heroes? Check out the

Bad Karma Special Ops series. Available in print and on Amazon.

The Bad Karma Team - Their love lives are as dangerous as their missions

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