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I have a sense of humor and I'm not afraid to use it.

For years I've watched the Bachelor and Bachelorette television show, even though sometimes I'll say if so-and-so is the next lead I am not watching. My daughter watched with me sometimes and I'd tell her it was a lesson in how not to date.

The first night, I like to watch as the lead meets all the contestants and I write down their names, ages, occupation, and my first impression. There's usually a clear villain or two to root against and make you keep tuning in hoping the lead will wise up and not give them a rose. Clearly, things have to be scripted to keep some of the men and women on as long as they stay It's "reality TV" that we know isn't all real. A lot of times there's a tag line for the season, often associated with the lead. For example, Chris Soules was "Prince Farming." Colton Underwood was a virgin. And later we found out why, but I won't digress into all that drama. But I started spinning an idea of what if the lead was a virgin to the show--as in never seen an episode. And that's where my idea for Faking it With the Bachelor came from.

This story was so fun to write as I took the familiar tropes and incorporated them into my story with lots of villainesses, drama, humor, competition, tears, some backstabbing, and more drama.


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